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Readers Respond: K1 Visa Love Stories

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K1 couples agree: there's a certain romance to falling in love with someone from another country. And people never tire of hearing of how you met. So tell us: how did you meet your fiancé(e)? What made your engagement special? Was it difficult to make the decision to settle in the U.S.? Tell us about your K1 journey and the unique challenges and blessings you share as a binational couple.

My Great Dane

Well, my story is a little unbelievable (even by me), but completely true. I work for a Danish company in DC and they sent me to Denmark for training. One of my colleagues thought it would be nice to provide me with a tour guide while I stayed in Copenhagen after my training ended. He called his brother's best friend who had just recently returned from Afghanistan (he is in the Danish army). Well, upon meeting, I thought he was too short and he didn't like that I was late, but at dinner we really hit it off. He took me to his favorite bar and we fell in love over slow pour beers. The next day he took me to the airport and it felt like I was leaving a boyfriend. Little did I know he had vowed that he would see me again. He came about 2 months later to see me in DC and we knew that we were meant to be together. This all happened in Feb 2009 and our wedding date is set for New Year's Eve of this year. I feel like the luckiest woman alive. As I said, unbelievable, but totally true.
—Guest Nicole

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