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Readers Respond: Will You Keep Playing the DV Green Card Lottery?

Responses: 15


Each year, the Diversity Visa Program, better known as the green card lottery, makes 50,000 immigrant visas available to people from countries that have low rates of immigration to the U.S. But even the most hopeful of people can become discouraged by the limited number of available visas and the rising number of applicants.

How long will you keep playing the lottery? Will you apply every year as long as you remain eligible, or is there a point when you will stop trying? Tell us why you will never give up trying to win the lottery, or what your cutoff is for trying your luck.

Still wishing

I really wish for something - not a lot - just to work and go to school and get health care...and I will be the happiest person ever. Life is tough, being illegal, with no hope for tomorrow, and as I watch myself grow older I feel pathetic and I hope I don't go crazy. I have no place back home. I wish they would make a decision to help us or deport us. I think when the government is finally ready, I will be a crazy old lady.
—Guest try and got nothing

It is an option

The lottery is an option for any individual who wants or needs to emigrate. It's free, and people with or without money have an equal chance. It gives opportunities to individuals who cannot afford a visa (i.e. business, special talents, investor). Obviously it is frustrating entering year after year, but if you win, the happiness can be great.
—Guest Theinmigrant

Not playing the lottery anymore

I played the lottery for 18 years, now I am tired of it.
—Guest jedmola


I played once 10 years ago, but it is hard for me to believe that the results are fair. I thank you all for giving me the encouragement that I needed to reapply this year. Good luck to all.
—Guest Miha

My courage still lives

Despite the frustration, I've been playing the lottery since 1994. I will never give up because I strongly believe I'm already a citizen of USA. Although I'm newly married, I have the strong faith that my unborn kids will move with me then.

Never give up

Maybe you don't know what it means to be in the USA. It's a blessed nation despite what you may think, because you are there, taking things for granted like having clean water, good roads and plenty of food. I would like to have a green card to work and change my life in America. I will keep playing. That's all I can do.
—Guest mercy california

Hope Has Never Frustrated Me

I will never give up because I believe that I am a future citizen of the USA.
—Guest John Njiri Kinyanjui

Another Avenue To Try

I have been in the US since 1996. My ex-husband petitioned for me then, but because he was physically abusive towards me, we separated and I finally filed for divorce in 2005. Both before and after my divorce, I have tried without success so get my green card. I went to college and earned an AAS degree in Nursing but due to the retrogression cannot find a hospital to sponsor me since they do not want to wait six years for visas to become available. Waiting for the gov't to reform the system...ha! I hope they will get to it. I entered the lottery once, 5-6 yrs ago but was not successful. It's an option, the chances are equal for everyone, and it's free to enter, so why not, I have a rewarding career waiting for me if it is God's choice to allow me to win. I'm a hard worker, and very ambitious, the US would be lucky to have me and the many others like me who willingly contribute to and love this country. Good luck to all who are taking the Chance again this year.

Must Hope

I was in the USA through a student agency. I fell in love with this country right away and since then I realized that I could imagine living there for the rest of my life. Since then I have been watching as much as possible to see what is going on there, mostly through the media. I still hope.

Scared to Play

I worry that it is just a way to catch us. I love this country and wish that they would just do an amnesty for those of us who have been here more than 30 years!
—Guest Jackie

I'll Keep Playing

First of all I want to thank for the information you gave us today through your newsletter about the date of DV-2011 registration. Yes, I'll keep playing this lottery until the American government decides to stop that program. I'm sure it's gonna happen sooner or later. Why? Because America means a lot to me. I used to live there: I lived in Philly, PA for 6 years (unfortunately illegally) and I really enjoyed being there until I got snitched on and caught and sent back home. That was it.
—Guest Ahmed

H1B or green card

I like the quote from Besnik, "Never say never." I won H1B because I worked hard and dreamed for it. And now I'll be applying for the Diversity Visa also because I believe I could be one of the 50,000. Good luck everyone!!!
—Guest double H

Hope I Will Have It

I will play and keep playing til I have it. Life is like that - we have to try and try. Really, it's a big dream for me to have it to change my life for the better.
—Guest shaho

Won Once But We'll Have to Play Again

It is good to play until you win but what if you win and never get a Green Card? That's what happened to me and my wife and after many years (12) we had to leave the US (home). We won the DV-1996 and what happened is our case was transferred somewhere that we did not know and then was lost so it never went through. And the worst came after 12 years when we were deported. Life in our country is very hard. We think this year we will try the DV Lottery again, hopping that we will win and get back to the US where we have 2 properties that at this times are managed by our relatives. Isn't this sad? Yes it is very sad but there's nothing we can do about it. Take care.
—Guest Perry and Faith

Hope is the last one to die..

I will play and keep playing till I have it in my pocket..I have been living here for 4 years already and still havent been lucky..but you never know like we say here...never say never..thnx
—Guest besnik baftijari

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