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Readers Respond: Tips to Help New Immigrants Find a Job

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Finding a job during hard economic times is a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for new immigrants. What actions are you taking to help you in your job search? Your tips and experiences could be of great value to other immigrants who are in a similar situation.

Find a Job

Do not forget that there are the Career One Stop Centers nationwide in which a new legal immigrant (even with work permit) can be help to get a job, to get skill and training. The web page is: careeronestop.org (non-profit organization) that if I am not mistaken depends on the State Government. I am a citizen whose job was outsourced and I am going to this kind of center. Lets do not forget something very important: learn English, there are high schools or community colleges in which the immigrant can learn English for free. Also in the Career One Stop Centers they help to improve the person's English skills. As again, many high schools have night classes that could help a new immigrant. And will repeat, English is the language in this country. Grab any opportunity to learn it. Watch the American (English) channels. It is not easy but can be accomplished.
—Guest Martha F.

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