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Readers Respond: What I Wore to the Interview

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What did you wear to your immigration interview or naturalization ceremony? Did you feel comfortable, or had you wished you had worn something different? Do you think your clothing had any impact on the outcome of the interview?

What I wore to the interview

I wore business clothing for the residency and the citizenship interviews. I am not saying that I spent a lot of money in my clothes. In any economical store, a lady can buy a skirt or pair of dress pants and a blouse at a very affordable price. Also, in the thrift shops, any person can find business (used) clothes. Nobody has to carry a sign stating the amount he/she paid for the purchase of the clothes that he/she is wearing. What I consider what helped me (at least in the citizenship interview) is that I studied what I had; the interview was in English. So ladies and gentleman who are applying for citizenship, take a course in English so you will understand the questions and your answers will also be understood. I remember in my citizenship interview that in the office there were two officers, each one in his/her bureau interviewing a resident. I was suffering since the other interviewee did not study and the officer was repeatedly asking the same question.
—Guest Martha F.

What I wore to the interview

During my Naturalization interview I wore a very simple outfit like the ones I wear when I am going to work. The most important thing is to wear clean, neat clothes, whether you are going to an interview or not. It was the same thing for the oath ceremony.
—Guest Najma

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