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Readers Respond: What Should the U.S. do About Its Illegal Immigrants?

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You've read both sides of the debate, now what do you think the United States should do about its illegal immigrant population? This is an issue that will be discussed as part of comprehensive immigration reform. What would you want included in the new legislation?

Please note: Defamatory, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable submissions of any kind will not be approved. We want to hear both sides of the debate, but this must be done in a respectful manner.

No Free Ride

No we should NOT legalize illegal immigrants. That is what caused this mess. All we have to do is make it illegal to rent or sell them a place to live. Make it illegal to employee them; illegal to give them free medical care. Make law breakers pay big fines/give them prison time.
—Guest Pepper

Get them out

It's been way too long for it to come to this. We need them out so the Americans can get back to work.
—Guest boarder patrol

Legalized, only if...

People who live and make a living decently should be given a chance. Not all illegal immigrants deserve that privilege. We need to determine who has a right to it. Those who have caused nothing but trouble should be out! But those who really give their all, not just for selfish reasons, should be given the chance they deserve!
—Guest 7LOVE

Don't reward criminality

Legalizing criminality as we did in 1986 has resulted in a gigantic INCREASE in the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. Rewarding criminality only CREATES MORE criminals.
—Guest deport 'em

Legalize Immigrants

America should legalize illegal immigrants for the simple reason that the U.S. is a country of immigrants and it cannot close doors to others. But I also think that immigrants should do what they can to fit in with the culture, etc. of the country in which they choose to live. It's their responsibility to live the American life, and most of all, speak English, so a test of English should be mandatory for any immigrant who wants to live in the USA.
—Guest HERTA

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