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Building a Life in a New Nation

Even those who are well prepared with plenty of support go though a period of adjustment settling into a new life in a new country, and it's natural to have a lot of questions. Here you'll find information on ways to build credit as a new immigrant, how to find a job, apply for a Social Security Number and other tips to help you adjust.

Silicon Valley Assists Undocumented Students
Leaders in the tech industry are helping undocumented students as they wait for DREAM Act to become a reality.

USCIS Reaching Out to Chinese Immigrants
USCIS is trying to overcome language barriers with Chinese immigrants.

Tips to Help New Immigrants Find a Job - Tips to Find a Job a…
Finding a job during hard economic times is difficult for anyone, but it can be especially hard for new immigrants. What actions are you taking to help you in your job search? Your tips and experiences could be of great value to other immigrants who are in a similar situation.

Tax Information For Immigrants
Tax season can be a frustrating time for many people but it can be especially confusing for immigrants to the United States. Do you need to file federal taxes? What do you do if you're not eligible for a SSN? Find the answers to these questions and more, with the following tax information and resources chosen specifically for immigrants.

Immigrants and Public Benefits
Many immigrants believe that they are ineligible for any type of public benefits and assistance. In fact, new immigrants and permanent residents can take advantage of a number of federal, state and local assistance programs. Learn which benefits you may be eligible for and how to avoid becoming a public charge.

Immigration Jobs
Looking for a job that deals with immigration? Three agencies within the Department of Homeland Security fit the bill: USCIS, CBP and ICE.

Immigration and Poverty
Poverty data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows us if the poverty status of immigrants is any different than that of native U.S. citizens.

Getting a Driver's License in the U.S.
This state-issued piece of identification allows you to operate a motor vehicle and acts as a common form of ID. Find out how to get licensed.

Apply for a Social Security Number
Find out how to apply for a Social Security number. Get some tips on what you can do as a new immigrant to make the Social Security number application process a little smoother.

How to Find a Job
Explore how you can make your job search successful with Allison Doyle, About.com's Guide to Job Searching.

English as a Second Language
Beginner, intermediate and advanced students will find a variety of lessons, tools and resources from About.com's Guide to English as a 2nd Language, Kenneth Beare.

Move Your Belongings By Plane or Boat
About.com's Moving Guide, Diane Schmidt, provides some great tips on shipping your household goods.

Immigrant life in the US
Discover the information and tools needed to successfully transition to life as an immigrant in the United States.

Silicon Valley Assists Undocumented Students
Leaders in the tech industry are helping undocumented students as they wait for DREAM Act to become a reality.

Tough Laws Driving Immigrants Underground
Tough new state and local laws are changing the behavior of immigrants in communities.

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