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What Are the Health Care Standards at ICE Detention Facilities?


ICE Detains And Deports Undocumented Immigrants From Arizona
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Question: What Are the Health Care Standards at ICE Detention Facilities?

Any facility used to detain undocumented immigrants in immigration proceedings or awaiting removal to their countries must comply with ICE National Detention Standards. These standards are outlined in the Performance Based National Detention Standards (PBNDS) operations manual. In it, policies and procedures, including those for medical care, are provided. For example, here are some of the expected outcomes for the ICE medical care detention standard:

  • Detainees will have access to a continuum of health care services, including prevention, health education, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Health care needs will be met in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Newly admitted detainees will be informed, orally and in writing, about how to access health services.
  • Detainees will be able to initiate requests for health services on a daily basis.
  • Detainees will receive timely follow-up to their health care requests.
  • Detainees will have access to specified 24-hour emergency medical, dental, and mental health services.
  • Detainees with chronic conditions will receive care and treatment for conditions where non-treatment would result in negative outcomes or permanent disability as determined by the clinical medical authority.

The complete medical care standard is available as part of the PBNDS operations manual found at ICE.gov.

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Source: ICE.gov

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