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Majority of Americans Support Arizona Senate Bill 1070

A CBS News/New York Times Poll Shows Americans Want Tough Enforcement Laws


Shortly after Arizona signed Senate Bill 1070 into law, giving state law enforcement the authority to detain individuals they feel are in the country illegally and check their immigration status, CBS News and the New York Times polled Americans to find out where they stand on immigration. Following are the results related to Arizona SB 1070. Surprisingly to some, the majority of those polled supported Arizona's controversial new enforcement law while acknowledging that it could lead to racial profiling.

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 Questions from New York Times/CBS News Poll: Immigration Overhaul

As you may know, the state of Arizona recently passed a law that gives police the power to question anyone they suspect is in the country illegally, requires people to produce documents verifying their status if asked, and allows officers to detain anyone who cannot do so. Do you think this law goes too far, doesn’t go far enough, or is about right?
Too far: 36%; Not far enough: 9%; About right: 51%; Don't Know/No Answer: 4%

How likely do you think it is that the new law in Arizona will:

Lead to police officers detaining people of certain racial or ethnic groups more frequently than other racial or ethnic groups?
Very: 50%; Somewhat: 32%; Not too: 11%; Not at all: 4%; Don't Know/No Answer: 3%

Deter immigrants from reporting crime or cooperating with authorities out of fear of being deported?
Very: 55%; Somewhat: 25%; Not too: 10%; Not at all: 5%; Don't Know/No Answer: 4%

Burden the resources of state and local police departments?
Very: 34%; Somewhat: 44%; Not too: 13%; Not at all: 6%; Don't Know/No Answer: 4%

Lead to a reduction in the number of illegal immigrants currently in Arizona?
Very: 29%; Somewhat: 43%; Not too: 16%; Not at all: 7%; Don't Know/No Answer: 5%

Deter people from other countries from illegally crossing the border into Arizona?
Very: 29%; Somewhat: 40%; Not too: 18%; Not at all: 8%; Don't Know/No Answer: 5%

Reduce crime in that state?
Very: 19%; Somewhat: 35%; Not too: 25%; Not at all: 15%; Don't Know/No Answer: 6%

Complete results of the New York Times/CBS News Poll: Immigration Overhaul poll are available in PDF.

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