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How To Fill Out the Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence


If you obtained your conditional resident status through marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you’ll need to apply to the USCIS to remove the conditions on your residence to receive your 10-year green card.

The following steps will walk you through the 7 sections of the I-751 form that you need to complete. Be sure to include this form in your Petition to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence package.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Less than 1 hour

Here's How:

  1. Information about you. Provide your full, legal name, address, mailing address and personal information.

  2. Basis for petition. If you are removing conditions jointly with your spouse, check “a.” If you are a child filing an independent petition, check “b”. If you are not filing jointly and require a waiver, check one of the remaining options.

  3. Additional information about you. If you have been known by any other names, list them here. List the date and place of your marriage and your spouse’'s date of death, if applicable. Otherwise, write “N/A.” Check yes or no for each of the remaining questions.

  4. Information about the spouse or parent. Provide the details about your spouse (or parent, if you are a child filing independently) through whom you gained your conditional residence.

  5. Information about your children. List the full name, birth date, alien registration number (if any) and current status for each of your children.

  6. Signature. Sign and print your name and date the form. If you’re filing jointly, your spouse must also sign the form.

  7. Signature of person preparing form. If a third party such as a lawyer prepares the form for you, he or she must complete this section. If you completed the form yourself, you may write “N/A” on the signature line.


  1. Type or print legibly using black ink. The form can be filled out online using a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, or you may print out the pages to fill in manually.

  2. Attach additional sheets, if necessary. If you need extra space to complete an item, attach a sheet with your name, A#, and date at the top of the page. Indicate the item number and make sure you sign and date the page.

  3. Answer all questions. If the question is not applicable to your situation, write “N/A.” If the answer to the question is none, write “NONE.”

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