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Why Should I Vote?


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Question: Why Should I Vote?
Answer: With citizenship comes the right to vote in American elections. But why is voting so important? While each person will have their own reasons for voting, here are some that are common to new citizens:
  1. An opportunity to exercise one of the privileges of living in a democratic nation. Leaders in the U.S. are chosen by the people in a majority vote. This democracy is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. Wars are fought and lives are lost to preserve and establish democratic governments. Many new immigrants know firsthand what it's like to be governed by leaders who have not been chosen by the people. This is why some people come to this county - to be part of a democratic structure where representatives are elected by the people. If we all stopped participating in the electoral process, our democratic government could wither away.
  2. Pride in their adopted homeland. Elections take place at a national, state and local level. Taking the time to understand the issues and evaluate what each candidate has to offer, helps to establish a sense of community and a kinship with fellow citizens across the nation.
  3. It is a responsibility of all naturalized citizens. In the USCIS Guide to Naturalization, we are told that "Citizens have a responsibility to participate in the political process by registering and voting in elections." In the naturalization oath, new citizens swear to support the Constitution of the United States, and voting is an integral part of that Constitution.
  4. Because no one likes taxation without representation. As a citizen of this country, you want a say in where your taxes go and how this country is run. Voting for a person who represents your visions and goals for your new country is an opportunity to become part of the process.

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