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Dan Moffett

Dan Moffett

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Dan Moffett has been a professional journalist for 25 years and has written extensively about U.S. immigration.


The first immigrant in Dan's life was his grandfather, Patrick James McKay, who left Ireland on a steamship and arrived at Ellis Island shortly after World War I. Stories of immigrants' remarkable struggles and contributions to the American experience have captivated Dan since childhood. Working for daily newspapers in three states over the years, he won national and regional awards for reporting and commentary. He has covered immigration stories around the world — from Dublin to Havana, from Sydney to San Francisco, from La Paz to New York, and places in between. A former sports writer, Dan has covered four Olympics, 13 Super Bowls and a dozen World Series. He currently resides in South Florida, where immigration issues are part of daily life.


Dan was born in Ashland, Ohio and attended Bowling Green State University. He graduated from Ashland University with a degree in journalism/English.

By Dan Moffett:

There would be no Americans without immigration. We truly are a nation of immigrants, and the continuing arrival of new citizens from around the world is essential to our enduring vitality. Immigration presents great political and economic challenges to the country, however. Many of the problems are complex and the potential solutions inherently controversial. Yet, Americans have always found ways to work out their ethnic and cultural differences and stand as one people, united. There's no reason to think we won't continue to do so.

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