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Dan Moffett

Obama Administration Making Major Immigration Rule Change

By January 8, 2012

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President Obama probably won thousands of Hispanic votes last week by announcing an immigration rule change that his administration will put into effect almost immediately.

The Department of Homeland Security announced the government will begin allowing the undocumented children and spouses of U.S. citizens to remain in the country while applying for visas.

Currently, illegal immigrants must leave the United States, usually for between three and 10 years, before re-entering the country legally. The administration says it now will allow these family members hardship waivers and greatly reduce the amount of time they are in their homelands separated from relatives.

The change, which does not require congressional approval, is extremely popular with Latino and Hispanic groups. President Obama won two-thirds of the Hispanic vote in 2008 and is counting on it again in November.


January 11, 2012 at 9:39 pm
(1) Dave Francis says:

NumbersUSA has all the nasty answers, where you can join for free. Become part of the battle plan against 20 million illegal aliens already here and those waiting to cross borders or fly in from foreign countries. Munoz is part of the hierarchy of La Raza that was established to encourage those pouring across our borders. Start insisting that your federal and state Senators and House members remember who they work for? Contact them and demand “the LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” (E-Verify H.R. 2885) and an amendment to the birthright citizenship Bill ((H.R.140)) the number to call is 202-224-3121.

The TEA PARTY banner to marching in 2012 is: God-given individual freedoms written by Principles of the Founding Fathers. No more bank or investor companies bailouts; reduce the size of an intrusive government and return money and resources to the states; discard the current tax code and reintroduce a fair and equitable system that doesn’t favor the special interests or corporate welfare; repeal Obama-Care and introduce a competitive free market; cease and desist out of control spending and enact federal treasury deficit reform; secure our borders and defend and protect America from enemies domestic and foreign. Bring to the surface the abundant natural resources of oil, natural gas and coal, to reduce our dependence on foreign governments. Finally—give us back our Christian heritage.

January 12, 2012 at 11:48 am
(2) Wife Of an Immigrant says:

I am extremely happy that Obama passed this law. As a US citizen (by birth), with a child (4.5) who is also a US citizen, and as a tax payer who does not live off of welfare, and as a Christian, I am overwhelmingly grateful to God for answering my family’s prayer! What some people do not realize is that most of the time the spouse of the illegal immigrant is educated, is concerned about the economy, and is not a person just seeking welfare in this country. After finding out I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I did the right thing, we married and decided to dedicate our lives to raising a beautiful daughter, together, not apart as single parents. Both of us though from different back grounds grew up with loving Christian parents, and both of us believe that just because things where difficult in the beginning of our relationship, that it was an excuse to split apart our family, or to give up trying to do what is in the best interest of our child and our family, and what God commanded us to do. No one is perfect in this world, not even me. But just because my husband lacks an entry stamp on his passport because he fled his country as a young boy after his girlfriend aborted his child, doesn’t mean that two wrongs makes a right. God commanded us to love one another, to seek him when we are in need. I cannot tell a million people how much I have prayed and cried to God to please do something to keep my family together so we can move on with our lives like normal people. Now I have hope, now I can take that better job offer, now I can keep my home. No matter who God uses to answers our prayers, we must remain vigilant in our thankfulness to the LORD for all he does for us, human beings, regardless of ink, or lack of, on a passport page.

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