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U.S. Government's Deportations Hit Record Levels in Last Year

By October 20, 2011

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From its first days in office, the Obama administration has had a two-pronged approach to immigration policy:

Demonstrate aggressive enforcement on one hand by ramping up deportations, and on the other, push for comprehensive reform in Congress. The thinking was that a get-tough approach with deportations would help soften the political climate for reform.

The administration has been half successful so far. New numbers released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement show that deportations are booming, even if reform efforts have run aground.

The government deported nearly 400,000 people during the fiscal year that ended in September, the largest number in the agency's history.

Officials said that more than 1,000 of the deportees had been convicted of homicides and 5,800 were sexual offenders.

ICE Director John Morton said 55% of those deported had felony or misdemeanor convictions and the number convicted of crimes was up 89% from 2008.

But the agency fails to give an important number: How many of the people it calls criminals were guilty only of immigration violations. It is a felony to return to the United States after being deported.

So, who knows how many of the government's dangerous felons are really just chronic border-crossers looking for work?


October 20, 2011 at 1:55 pm
(1) Kolos1000 says:

In another 10-15 years all the today’s kids of undocumented parents will turn 18. They will be able to vote, they will be able to bring their deported parents back, as there no visa limits for immediate family members of American citizens. Is it realy smart to spend all the money to deport people today just to get them back in 10-15 years? Is it realy smart to put another 4 500 000 American citizen children in foster care after deporting their parents? American taxpayers will have to pay to deport parents of 4 500 000 American citizen children. Then they will have to pay to feed, cloth, house and educate 4 500 000 American citizen children, provide them with medical care for the next 10-15 years. Then all the deported parents will be back, applying for SSI and welfare based on physiological depression triggered by deportation and separation from their children and spouses for decades. There probably will be some kind of compensation from the Government like American Japanese got for being detained in camps during World War Two. What is more humane and more beneficial for the economy: spend trillions of dollars on deportations and social services only to get all the deportees back in 15 years, or stop the deportations and Reform the Immigration system? Bringing people from the shadows will strengthen the consumer base and jump start the economy. It had always happened in the past.

October 24, 2011 at 5:05 pm
(2) OZ says:

How many of those deported numbers are accurate and not counted in the usual Obama accounting method. If the friggi government would close the border and enforce the other immigration laws there would be less to have to deport. In my opinion this is no more than an election ploy with this sob getting publicity for actually doing something other than destroy our country. In my opinion ALL illegal’s including OBAMA himself ought to be deported (with all he brought here…. NOTHING) and never ever allowed back into this country, strip him Of his unlawfully gained wealth and any/all future benefits. Only deport him if/when he is ever released from prison. Deport all illegally alleged citizen (anchor babies) I do not care if we have educated them on the taxpayers back, they have been amply rewarded already, send them back with no chance of ever coming back. And you well know Obama’s sincerity of blowing his own horn with inflated deportation numbers, where as he wants to give all illegal’s the right to be here. Sure, and we can walk ot Hawaii too, across the water if we were like Obama thinks that he can walk on water

November 1, 2011 at 10:35 pm
(3) MsBrun says:

Yes, Mr Oz, start deporting all immigrant from this country and leave only the real owners, maybe they won’t have to live on indian reservations anymore and will be able to move in their country as they used to do before all illegal immigrants came to steel their country

January 23, 2013 at 8:08 am
(4) http://tinyurl.com/freeisle37187 says:

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S. Government’s Deportations Hit Record Levels in Last Year_. I may possibly be coming to ur webpage before long. Thx -Dylan

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